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nutritious diet strawberriesSusan Engle is a wonderful, caring person who listens to her clients and modifies diets accordingly. Susan accepts and understands that changing food habits is difficult and works with the client to help them be successful. I gained knowledge and confidence in the choices I make regarding eating right. I have been empowered with the knowledge needed to make good food choices.
– C.J. Newburyport, MA

susan engle nutrition matters prickly pearsSusan Engle is great to work with. She was attentive to any special concerns I had and taught me a lot about better eating and managing my health. Susan is very knowledgeable and empathetic. I not only lost weight and lowered my cholesterol, but learned how to improve my dietary habits and mindset around food.
– V.H. Dover, NH

healthy diet and weight loss raspberriesWhen my doctor sent me to see Susan, I was suffering from almost constant abdominal pain. After two visits, Susan identified my problem and thoroughly explained how to modify my diet in a way that is healthy for me. Now, with a few simple changes to my eating habits, my abdominal pain is gone and I feel so much better! Thank you for listening, Susan, and for helping me understand how to improve the quality of my life!
– J.L. Dover, NH

nutrition services lemonsSusan is extremely pleasant and personable. I felt that since my doctor’s office recommended her, she must have credibility. That was confirmed after my first visit when I left feeling very hopeful and capable of changing my lifestyle. You listened to me! I also have to say that I truly appreciate your help with my insurance. I have a Cadillac plan with great benefits, but the fight for them is ridiculous. By working with me consistently, benefits were provided. Many thanks! You helped me change my life. I will be forever grateful to you! 138 lbs. and holding!
– B. P. Stratham, NH

susan engle nutrition counseling gingerSusan is an active listener with the expressed goal to meet your educational and nutritional needs. She is extremely approachable and knowledgeable working with you towards your goal. Susan empowered me first by clarifying my goals, then offering me her knowledge, expertise, resources, and finally her confidence in my ability to succeed. Her pro-active and generous candor allowed me to pride myself as I felt connected to the process of my goal.
– L. B. Newfields, NH

nuts for healthy eatingSusan is interesting, intelligent, and very helpful with resource materials. She creates an easy, comfortable atmosphere to work in and has the ability to encourage when needed. The results I have achieved are life-changing and hopefully life-prolonging. By teaching me the basics of nutrition and how to lose weight the right way, the effects should be long lasting.

loosing weight pearsDear Sue,
I am writing to thank you for the nutrition advice you provided to me recently. It was very insightful, easy to follow, and was most helpful. You have a way of seeing right to the heart of an issue. This, in accordance with your vast wealth of knowledge, is a wonderful combination. Our community is very fortunate to have you as a resource.
– D. S. Stratham, NH